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OnlyFans ( is a subscription-based content platform (either paid or free) that allows content creators (including models, vloggers, musicians, artists, and others) to share exclusive material with their subscribers for a fee.

Content creators on OnlyFans set a monthly subscription fee for access to their page, where they post photos, videos, and other materials. The platform initially gained popularity among models and adult industry workers but has since expanded its audience to include other categories of creative individuals.

You can find detailed information on how OnlyFans works at

The primary users of OnlyFans are from the USA, UK, and Canada.
You can find detailed information at

Regardless of the model's geography and origin, these users bring in the majority of the revenue.
All models (or their operators) communicate in English, as it is the primary language of the platform.

The main OnlyFans traffic funnel looks like this:

1. The model maintains a social media page (TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Reddit, Twitter) by posting attractive content.
2. Increases the number of followers on their social media pages.
3. Attracts followers to transition to OnlyFans and subscribe to receive exclusive content and interaction.

It's important to understand that users are looking for communication+content. This is not the porn industry; users go to porn sites for porn or soulless content. In these funnels, the main focus is on the connection that needs to be created with users (in the marketer's words - properly warming up the customer).

In this niche, conditionally free traffic (UFT) works well.

It's worth noting that Instagram and TikTok counteract direct traffic flow to OnlyFans, so intermediate platforms like Twitter or LinkTree are used.

Reddit is one of the primary platforms where models post their photos in thematic subreddits and rise to the top by buying votes, driving traffic to their page.

Every marketer has their own secrets, funnels, and methods.
However, practice shows that if the user is not shown the model's content before moving to OnlyFans and is not warmed up, they will not subscribe or purchase anything. The warming up can happen on a Twitter page, a mini-landing page, or a LinkTree. Perhaps there will be several models among which the user will choose the one they like (if you have multiple campaigns for different models on the platform) - this option can work for Google, where users search for models without specific preferences.

Additionally, there are platform sites where you can place models and buy ads (each has its own nuances and secrets), such as:,,,, and others.
These sites are also great for generating traffic for models.

Useful tips are often published here:

We periodically publish marketers' case studies with their permission in our channel:

On OnlyFans, a model can earn money in several ways:

1. Subscriptions - paid subscriptions on profiles (users are charged a monthly fee for access to the profile).
2. Tips - direct sending of money to the model (mainly as a prepayment for content or tips).
3. Posts - a model can attach a fundraiser to their post on the page.
4. Messages (PPV) - paid messages that the model sends to the user. After payment, the user gains access to the content (video or photo) attached to the message.
5. Streams - payments within a live broadcast.

The main source of income is paid messages (PPV), accounting for about 70%.
On our platform, we track all transactions made by users you attract, regardless of the type of income.

It is worth considering that OnlyFans takes a 20% commission on each payment. Our platform displays the net profit (without commission).

The model is responsible for withdrawing funds from OnlyFans. Depending on the model's country of registration, different withdrawal methods are available, mainly card withdrawals, Paxum, or bank transfers. In some countries (e.g., the USA), the model is also required to file a tax return and pay taxes.

Earnings for models and marketers on OnlyFans can vary greatly depending on various factors: popularity, content quality, audience, and promotion strategy.

On OnlyFans, there is a concept called Performer Top - it's a percentage that shows how much a model earns compared to other models, specifically, what percentage of the best profiles they fall into. On our platform, we track this indicator and display it for you.

The average income for models on our platform is about $6,000 (these are profiles in the top 2% on OnlyFans). The income of the best models can reach up to $100,000 per month.

A marketer's earnings heavily depend on their skills in promoting a model and working closely with them, as well as on the number of such successful "pairings."

The income of solo marketers (conditionally), who can confidently say they are successfully doing their job, ranges from $5,000 to $20,000. For some marketers, a sum of several thousand dollars becomes a starting point, while for others, it is a goal they work towards for months (due to a lack of experience in the niche or understanding how traffic works here).

Sometimes, attracting just one user can bring in good money, as the platform accrues profit for the entire lifetime of the client, provided the model continues to cooperate with us.

How to get started

Registration takes place at the following link:

You need to carefully fill in your details, especially your contact information, so that we can get in touch with you and identify your account.

After registration, you may be asked to complete an account activation application. We appreciate your time and effort, so we take each application seriously. After reviewing your application, our managers will contact you if the decision is positive.

If this does not happen and you still believe you can generate traffic on our platform, please contact us directly, and we will be happy to respond.

We also want to remind you that we have a referral program. By bringing in other marketers, you can earn 10% of our platform's profit, which can be an additional income for you.

When choosing an offer, consider the platform you plan to work with.

For example, on Reddit, you can only run one campaign for a model at a time (as subreddits will ban all duplicates of OnlyFans pages), while on Instagram and TikTok, not all models are ready to become popular.

After setting the necessary platform filters, review the available ARPU (average revenue per user in the first week) for each model, as well as the percentage (%) of commission the model is willing to pay you. OnlyTraffic operates on a revenue share basis - you receive a percentage from the attracted fans.

Take note of whether the model's profile is paid or free. To subscribe to a paid page, the user will need to pay for access, so marketing should be focused on "warming up" the audience beforehand; otherwise, they will not pay and subscribe.

On paid pages, you can also launch a Free-Trial campaign (not for all offers), which provides users with a free subscription for a certain period. However, if the user does not have an OnlyFans account, the link will not work, so this method should only be used for advertising within OnlyFans itself.

A key parameter may be the Performer Top - the percentage near the trophy, which shows the % of best profiles on OnlyFans the model is in. The lower the percentage, the better. This reflects the model's ability to earn on the platform.

You can also preview the model's content or even their page (if the model provides access before starting work).

The offer page is constantly updated and improved. Examine it carefully, as choosing the right offer is crucial.

If some data is unavailable (e.g., ARPU or Performer Top), it may be because the models have not yet granted access to their profiles for analytics collection or we have not had experience working with them and have not collected enough data.

Starting to work with offers happens automatically or after contacting a manager (about which you will be notified). This depends on the duration of our collaboration or the model's preferences (pre-moderation of marketers).

For all questions related to offers, we are always ready to consult, advise, and help you with your choice - don't hesitate to contact our managers.

In conclusion, a careful approach to selecting an offer and considering all important parameters will allow you to successfully generate traffic and maximize revenues on the OnlyTraffic platform.

Working on creating traffic for an OnlyFans page often requires custom content (videos or photos created by the model on demand) or something more global, such as giveaways for advertising or creating joint stories.

In addition, you may be interested in learning about the model's or operators' response to the fans you've attracted. Or, you may want to request video confirmation from the platform, where we show the indicators of your campaign directly on the OnlyFans website and the conversations with your fans.

This is the primary role of our managers, who are happy to assist you. Our managers can also provide you with advice on any questions regarding the OnlyTraffic platform or the terms of our cooperation.

We are always open to communication and ready to help our partners. Please contact us using the information provided on our website.

Work process

The link to your campaign can be found in the Campaigns section ( and has the format:, where c12 is your personal identifier on the OnlyFans site, which we will use to track your fans.

For Free-Trial links, the format will look like this: Keep in mind that this link is only available to registered OnlyFans users, so this type of advertising is best used within OnlyFans itself (e.g., by purchasing ads from other models).

Both features are official OnlyFans functions (Tracking-Links, Free-Trial links), and if necessary, we can provide video confirmation of the number of fans so that you can compare the results with the platform.

Please note that if your fans end up on the model's main page without your key, we, unfortunately, will not be able to find and identify them.

On the OnlyTraffic Accounts page ( in the "Content" column, you can see a link to the model's content if it has been uploaded to external resources. There may also be a button to view content uploaded within our platform.

If there is no content or not enough of it, contact our managers, and they will get in touch with the model to resolve this issue.

If you need custom content (individual photos or videos), let the managers know, and they will place an order, providing you with the results as soon as possible.

Please remember that using content outside of your advertising campaigns or sharing it with third parties is prohibited by the platform. If such actions are detected, your account may be blocked on our platform.

You can view a brief summary of your statistics in the "Campaigns" section and more detailed information in the "Fans" and "Transactions" sections.

Our platform allows you to view all attracted users as well as all their transactions. On each of these pages, you can create a chart with applied filters for visually tracking the dynamics of your work.

In the "Stats" section, statistics are presented in a user-friendly format and can be grouped by days, weeks, or months.

In the "Costs" section, you can enter all your expenses, which will be taken into account, and the platform will display your net profit, helping you better assess the effectiveness of each offer or your campaign.

We collect in-depth analytics: conversion to fans who have sent at least one message, those who made one, two, or three purchases, those who spent over $500 or have renewed their subscription more than once (if it's a paid page), and so on.

Our analytics are constantly being improved, and we display new indicators for more accurate assessment of model performance and your advertising strategy.

You also have access to model-specific statistics (across all campaigns) - a chart of her income and subscriber growth, allowing you to track the overall dynamics of the profile and better understand the current situation.

If necessary, you can always run multiple campaigns within one offer to separate traffic sources and gain a more accurate understanding of the effectiveness of each.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us, and we will be happy to help.

From our side, we are always ready to provide a video recording from the OnlyFans page, where we show your campaign and its performance indicators, which you can compare with the data on our platform. If necessary, remote access to the profile is also possible.

You provide traffic to OnlyFans, not to our landing pages, so we don't even have the ability to cheat you. We create a campaign for you on OnlyFans, and OnlyFans handles all the accounting for your campaign. We only display all the data conveniently on our platform and keep track of the numbers, but if necessary, you can always access OnlyFans directly. Every detail, down to each transaction and fan payment, can always be found and compared.

Payouts & commission

Next to each offer is a percentage (%) commission that the model is willing to pay you for each transaction (NET) of a referred subscriber. This collaboration format is called "revenue share," and we work exclusively with it.

We do not pay for the number of subscribers because it is easy to inflate the number of subscribers, attract bots, or uninterested users.

You receive a percentage of any type of payment on OnlyFans (subscriptions, paid messages, etc.). You will continue to receive a percentage of the subscriber's payments for as long as they are active on the profile, even if you have stopped your campaign. Funds will be credited to you automatically.

The platform commission is set only for models, while marketers do not pay any commission. Moreover, our platform does not charge any hidden fees for withdrawing funds from your dashboard.

New models pay a commission of 5%. However, for models or agencies that we have been working with for an extended period, we are always open to dialogue and ready to discuss special terms. Our goal is to create favorable conditions for the development of long-term and mutually beneficial partnerships.

Payouts are made automatically or upon request through a manager when the minimum payout amount of $50 is reached.

Available payout methods include USDT TRC20 and Paxum.

No funds are withheld by the platform. However, please note that OnlyFans holds all transactions for 7 days (this process will be displayed in your dashboard on the platform, where we show all transactions and the time until they are unlocked).

Once the funds become available on OnlyFans, they will immediately appear in your dashboard on our platform, and you can request a payout. We strive to ensure transparency and promptness in all financial operations for our users.

In cases where a model receives traffic and leaves without payment, each case is considered individually. In 90% of cases, we are able to successfully resolve the issue with full coverage of funds. However, if it concerns a new model, we guarantee reimbursement of up to $500. It is worth noting that such situations are extremely rare in our practice.

We always strive to pay our partners without delays, even if the model is postponing the payment.

If there are any suspicions or questions, we promptly contact our partners and inform them of the situation in order to find an optimal solution and maintain mutual trust.

If you don't find the answer in the list below, please contact us in a way that is convenient for you.

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