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The #1 CPA for OnlyFans. Earn % of income from referred subscribers. Large selection of creators and guaranteed payouts

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OnlyTraffic #1 CPA Traffic Platform

Complete Analytics

  • Real-time, automatic data synchronization
  • Convenient presentation of all metrics (graphs, tables, filters)
  • Full transparency down to each fan and transaction
  • Insights into dialogs, returning subscribers, recurrent subscribers, and Lifetime Value (LTV) statistics

Guaranteed Payouts

  • We assume all risks associated with non-payments from models
  • Automatic payouts in USDT or payment services (Paxum, Skrill)
  • Funds unlocked immediately after confirmation on OnlyFans
  • Automatic crypto payouts of $100, or manually request any amount

Various Campaign Formats

  • Featuring Cost-Per-Lead (CPL) format as a top option
  • Campaign-specific binding (Tracking-Link)
  • Free-Trial options
  • Ability to create multiple campaigns within a single profile

Wide Selection of Offers

  • Profiles ready for various advertising platforms
  • Honest conversion metrics
  • Thorough screening and moderation of all new models
  • Access to exclusive offers

Dedicated Account Manager

  • Personal account manager for each partner
  • Always available through messaging apps
  • Option to work in a team with the model and operators
  • Four individual managers dedicated to your account, available nearly 24/7

Rapid Scaling

  • Scale up by accessing a large volume of models
  • Choose the best offers based on your criteria
  • Add new traffic sources
  • Ranked as the #1 OnlyFans CPA, always leading with innovative functionalities

Sell Subscribers

Buy subscribers: 20 offers ~$0.99 per subscriber

100 — 500 / ~10 daily
$0.90 per subscriber
Paid subscriptions account promo only - high quality fans with spending history - top 1% account… more…
100 — 1000 / ~40 daily
$0.90 per subscriber
Traffic from TikTok
FREE Free-Trial
100 — 200 / ~15 daily
$0.99 per subscriber
I have 10 accounts with over 180k fans in total where I can promote you. 3 accounts are in top 0%.
FREE Free-Trial
Traffic Creator
100 — 1000 / ~100 daily
$1.50 per subscriber
Traffic Creator. - The best fan price from this source. I create ad campaigns to generate traffic… more…
FREE Free-Trial

RevShare Offers

67 offers up to 30% revenue share

Account Account Info Statistics
@************* 2.5%
$4.99 37 870 +4
Commission: 25%
Offer type: By Campaign Free Trial
Disallowed Sources: Twitter, Reddit
ARPU: $21.56
Conversion: 57.77%
@*********** 1.3%
FREE 107 853 +17
Commission: 25%
Offer type: By Campaign
Disallowed Sources: Reddit, Instagram, Tiktok
ARPU: $11.14
Conversion: 14.24%
@******** 0.73%
$5.00 42 927 +15
Commission: 25%
Offer type: By Campaign Free Trial
Disallowed Sources: Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook
ARPU: $34.70
Conversion: 28.64%

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