👋 Dear clients and partners,
We're excited to share with you the latest news and improvements to OnlyTraffic.

⭐️ Recent updates:

▪️ The number of active offers has exceeded 100, with 61 of them providing the option to automatically create a campaign without contacting managers. The maximum percentage for marketers reaches 35%, while the average is 21%.
▪️ The process of adding models has been automated: new agencies and models join us every day. Our managers get in touch with each of them, and after gathering all the necessary information, they are added to the offers.
▪️ Message parsing has been resumed: marketers can now see the conversion of fans who have sent more than 3 messages (meaning they have not only subscribed but also started a conversation).
▪️ We have entered into a partnership with the leading upvotes service for Reddit (a separate announcement with a special offer will follow).

🚀 We are currently working on:

🔸 Improving the interface and the process of content transfer from models to marketers.
🔸 🔥 Providing marketers the opportunity to set their offers for subscriber sales (with payment per subscriber).
🔸 New offer metrics for improved analysis of operator and model performance.
🔸 Minimal landing pages for traffic reception.

We haven't launched advertising yet due to active development, but we have given an interview to ProTraffic.com and created a thread on BHW.

💡Today, the demand for high-quality traffic from models exceeds the number of marketers.
If you are a marketer ready to work with dozens of new models and have experience working with OnlyFans, contact us, and we will help you earn more.

⚠️ Due to the increasing number of "clones" of our project, we'd like to remind you that we are only available at OnlyTraffic.com (http://onlytraffic.com/).
Any other projects using our logo and name are fraudulent. Stay vigilant and don't fall victim to scams.