OnlyFans is a social network, not just an adult site, and to attract traffic, you need to advertise to those who are familiar with the platform. The target audience is mostly men from the U.S., and Reddit and Twitter are often used by OnlyFans models and agencies to promote their accounts, but you can't directly promote OnlyFans on major platforms like Facebook and Google.

Geo and target audience

OnlyFans is not just an 18+ website - it is a social network. If you direct traffic to people who do not have an account on OnlyFans to see the content they came for, they must take additional actions:

  1. Register on the website
  2. Link their payment card (which the user will not do if they hear about the website for the first time and do not trust it)
  3. Understand how everything works on the website

All of this makes advertising to users who have not heard of OnlyFans meaningless.

You need to advertise to those who at least know and understand what it is, and even better to those who have an account on OnlyFans.

Here are 2 key characteristics of the target audience

- They are men (they are the ones who pay for 18+ content on OnlyFans)

- The audience is mainly in the USA; OnlyFans is part of the online culture of Americans. It is as popular a resource as Twitter and Reddit. There is also an OnlyFans audience in Europe/Canada/Australia/Israel, but it is significantly smaller.

Limitations of 18+ theme on large platforms

Not every website allows advertising of OnlyFans. Such large ecosystems as Facebook (Instagram) and Google are against placing direct links.

This does not mean that these methods are impossible for OnlyFans, it is just that in order to advertise on them, you need to use different tricks. If you are a beginner in the OnlyFans theme, it is better to first understand this before starting to direct traffic from such resources.

Such platforms as Reddit and Twitter are loyal to 18+ and, as a result, to OnlyFans. It is not surprising that OnlyFans models and agencies work with them most often.

Another good solution is to use 18+ websites, dating themes, and so on. But remember that besides explicit pictures, OnlyFans users also want to get emotions from communicating with the creator.

Specifics of working with OnlyFans creators

Some models want to earn on OnlyFans but do not want their popularity to reach their immediate surroundings. You need to consider the model's wishes: where she is willing to advertise and where she is not. For example, Tik-Tok and Instagram are popular in Eastern European countries, and models from there do not want to advertise their OnlyFans there.

In addition, you need to clearly distinguish advertising strategies for brand marketing and performance marketing.

If you want to build a personal brand for the model, her involvement in the process will be important for you, and you must allocate time and budget for promotion. Our platform allows you to establish communication between the model and the creator for results according to this strategy. This strategy gives you maximum profit in the long run from one account.

At the same time, for faster results with less effort, you should use performance tools. If you learn to attract traffic with the least effort from the model and with the least expense from you, you will be able to simultaneously manage many accounts.

It's up to you to decide which option to choose.

We have told you about the main features of traffic on OnlyFans, we hope this article has been helpful 😊