Dear clients and partners,

We are pleased to announce a new innovation on the platform. We have introduced a new cooperation format between models and marketers - Cost Per Lead (CPL), where payment is made for each subscriber. This format has been added in addition to the existing Revenue Share (RevShare) format.

In the new format, marketers can put forth their offers for the sale of subscribers with payment for each, indicating the execution speed and source. Models, in turn, can choose from these offers and purchase subscribers. The funds are reserved on the platform's side, which acts as a guarantor. If the order takes longer than the marketer has indicated, the model can return the funds.

After the order, models and marketers are provided with full reporting, as well as the opportunity to leave a review of the marketer. It should be noted that marketers indicate the source of traffic, necessary content to start working, as well as the minimum and maximum number of subscribers for the order and the minimum order execution speed.

This new format is designed to protect marketers from unsatisfactory cooperation with operators and models' reluctance to work on a long-term basis in the RevShare format. In addition, OnlyTraffic has implemented its own protection mechanisms against spin-ups and bots to protect clients from dishonest marketers.

Examples of offers in the CPL format can now be seen on the site:

If you are a model or agency and want to promote your OnlyFans - register and buy subscribers, never before has it been so simple.

If you are a marketer, do sign up and add your offer and start earning. Now you are guaranteed to receive your funds regardless of the work of models or chatters on profiles.

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