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How to get started

To register, go to the page and fill in the required information.

During registration, you can choose the type of account: personal, which allows you to add up to two profiles, or agency, with the possibility of adding an unlimited number of profiles. Make sure the information provided is accurate, as incorrect information can affect trust in our collaboration.

When registering, provide a name that will be visible to marketers.

After registration, you can add your profile. We verify each profile to ensure you have access to it. You will need to add a special code to the description of your profile, which can be removed after verification. Provide your contact information for communication with our managers.

During the profile addition stage, you will be asked to upload sample content for marketers to review, specify the commission percentage for marketers, and choose platforms that you do not want to use for advertising. In the description, briefly present your offer and arguments for why marketers should work specifically with you.

After adding the profile, it will be sent for moderation. Managers may contact you to clarify details and the format of cooperation.

After profile moderation, all sections of the website will be available to you, including examples of other offers. You will be able to set up your offer in more detail and provide access for collecting analytics and creating campaigns for marketers.

Open the profile section and select your profile, where the main offer settings are located. Here you can specify the revenue share percentage (%) that you are willing to give to marketers for attracting subscribers to your profile, as well as choose the platforms that you do not want to use for advertising.

Provide contact information for communication with managers who can clarify details about content, launching campaigns with specific marketers, and other aspects. In the profile description, you need to explain why marketers should work specifically with you, what content you offer, and who is responsible for communicating with fans.

At the bottom of the page, you can also check the box next to "hide my offer" to temporarily hide your offer from marketers.

In the "Content" section, you need to upload sample content for marketers to review. They will assess the attractiveness of your offer and the possibilities for using the content in advertising purposes. Upload a few photos as examples.

Also, provide a link where marketers who are already collaborating with you can access all the necessary content, or upload it directly to our platform. Please note that it is forbidden to post pornographic content on the platform. If you are not ready to provide content immediately, contact our managers, and we will discuss possible options. One option is to provide content to each marketer individually upon request.

Before granting access, your offer may be available on our website, allowing marketers to assess its attractiveness. The main thing is to enable the display of the username, as without access to your offer, the ARPU and Performer Top indicators, which marketers often consider when choosing, will not be available.

To launch campaigns (Tracking-Links on OnlyFans) or create Free-Trial Links (if you have allowed this) on paid profiles, as well as to collect data (attracted subscribers, their transactions, and overall analytics), we need access to your profile.

We only use access to collect analytics, without performing any other actions. Access data is securely stored and never shared with marketers or other parties. We use residential or mobile proxies from the country you specify. We work with only one active session on the profile.

If you are concerned about sharing your access (although it doesn't give us anything since OnlyFans will request email or two-factor authentication confirmation for important actions), you can give us access to your session through Dolphin or log in independently using our app.

Please note that if the session ends (logging out on the website), you will need to repeat the actions, as the session will no longer be available for our work.

If FaceID is required for authorization, our managers will contact you, and we will go through the process together.

We value our reputation and do everything possible to minimize any risks.

You can always see the status of your offer. If it is active, this means that marketers can already launch a campaign on your offer and start attracting subscribers either automatically or after preliminary communication with our manager.

In the "Campaigns" section, you can see all campaigns launched by marketers for your offers, as well as a brief summary. By clicking on the number of fans or transactions, you can examine each transaction brought in by the marketer in more detail, obtaining fully transparent analytics and a campaign performance report.

The "Statistics" section displays a chart of new subscribers for your offers and the revenue they generated. You can group data by days, weeks, or months for more informative results.

Safety and warranty

Access to your OnlyFans profile is necessary for creating advertising campaigns (Tracking-Links or Free-Trial Links with your consent for paid profiles), which marketers can use to attract subscribers.

Additionally, with these access permissions, we obtain information about attracted subscribers, their transactions and payments, as well as a brief summary of your profile's statistics. This is essential for calculating the earnings of marketers and providing overall analytics, enabling marketers to improve their work on your profile.

Without access, we won't be able to acquire crucial statistical data for your offer, which marketers evaluate before choosing an offer. Therefore, providing access is important for quickly attracting new marketers.

All work with the profile takes place through a single active session, which we create using a proxy from the country you specify.

Access can be granted either by directly providing authorization data or through independent authorization in our application (more details can be obtained from our managers).

The content you upload as an example for your profile will be accessible to all marketers when choosing an offer. Therefore, upload 4-6 photos that you are not concerned about.

The main content will become available to marketers after they start working with your offer. Some verified marketers can automatically launch advertising campaigns (if not specified otherwise in your offer settings), while others will do so after communicating with managers.

You always have the right not to share all of your material and to supplement it after a request from the marketer. You can also provide a public link from which marketers can access your content.

Content is a key element in most marketing strategies, so its presence, quality, and variety can significantly increase marketing opportunities for your profile.

We make every effort to ensure the utmost confidentiality of your data, but we do not take responsibility for your photos and their distribution, as we cannot know where else they might be uploaded or who they might be accessible to. Within our platform, we always adhere to strict confidentiality rules.

To terminate your cooperation, you need to hide your offer (disable it). If you want to delete your profile from the system, please contact a manager. If there are no active campaigns or campaigns closed within the last 2 weeks, your profile will be removed immediately. However, if there has been campaign activity on your profile, we will notify the marketers, and you will need to wait 2 weeks for all funds to be unlocked on OnlyFans.

All invoices must be paid to complete the termination process.

Payment & commission

Our commission is 5% and does not depend on the offer settings. Please consider this commission when setting up your offer, as marketers already see their net profit (excluding commission).

This is the standard commission, which may be changed after increasing the volume of our cooperation (number and amount of successful payments).

No commission is charged from marketers. We also do not charge any additional fees.

After the funds from subscribers attracted by marketers on OnlyFans are unlocked, we will issue you an invoice on OnlyTraffic. You need to pay this invoice within 3 days using a convenient method for you (USDT TRC20 or Paxum). During this period, a manager may contact you to clarify details.

In case of a payment delay, all marketing campaigns will be paused until the payment is made. If frequent delays in payment occur, you may be denied further cooperation.

We value our reputation, which is why we recommend new models not to provide a large volume of advertising (subscribers) right away but to gradually increase volumes after a series of successful payments. In this way, timely payments improve the reputation of your account and offer, instilling trust in marketers.

If you don't find the answer in the list below, please contact us in a way that is convenient for you.

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