Dear partners and clients of,

We wholeheartedly wish you a Happy New Year 2024!

Let's take a moment to reflect on the past year - our first year of operation.

Our project was launched less than a year ago - in March 2023, but we are already ready to share some statistics and a report for the past year:

  • Over 2,000 marketers have registered on our platform.
  • More than 800 models have been added (with account access), of which over 200 remain active currently. Hundreds of models are in the process of being added or moderated. (The demand for marketers far exceeds supply, and we adhere to the principle of adding only verified and top models).
  • Reddit accounted for 32% of all fans, followed by Twitter (10%), Google (10%), SFS (9%), Telegram (4%), and other sources.
  • The top model in our system reached Performer Top 0.1% (±$100k/month), attracting traffic through TikTok.
  • Some of our marketers, who have not been involved in traffic generation for the last six months, continue to earn several thousand dollars monthly from previously attracted subscribers.


Our top 10 achievements for the past year:

  • Introduced a new CPL (Cost Per Lead) format with payment per subscriber. Each marketer has access to statistics for this format, and the opportunity to add CPL offers opens after working through RevShare, allowing us to assess the quality of traffic before adding new marketers.
  • Launched automatic payouts in USDT starting from $100.
  • Implemented API and PostBack functions, including click_id transmission for Keitaro and other tracking systems.
  • Introduced SmartLink - a link where you send traffic, and we automatically select the most converting profiles.
  • Launched a referral program.
  • Developed an extension for authorization.
  • Significantly improved the campaign analytics system, including conversion rates into repeat purchases, dialogues, and the LTV chart of fans.
  • Expanded our team, including 4 main managers.
  •  And much more, including sub-campaigns, exclusive cooperation, prepaid collaboration, automatic renewal of CPL, and more.


Unfortunately, many marketers have yet to set up their funnels and traffic sources for stable income, but we are confident that these difficulties are temporary. Thank you for staying with us. We continue to work hard to improve our product, traffic processing, and conversion rates, so you can earn more. And of course, we grow together with you.


We wish you professional growth, personal development, and emotional well-being. In these changing times, we also wish you freedom, peace, and love

Happy New Year! And now, we're off to finish the salads and get back to work.